An insight into Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine


An insight into Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine

Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine is a Scholarly Open Access scientific journal which deals with both Toxicology and Forensic Medicine. 

Medical Toxicology:

Medical Toxicology is nothing but a medical subspecialty concentrating on the analysis, supervision and prevention of harming and additional adversative health issues due to medicines, work-related and ecological contaminants, and organic causes.

Clinical Forensic Medicine:

Clinical Forensic Medicine is a health field which deals with the collaboration of clinical medicine and the law. It also involved in the examination of healthcare doctors who are believed to be impaired or may be a possible risk to the public for other reasons.

Type of Articles:

This medical journal delivers an open access platform for the scientists to publish their research articles, review articles, case reports, image articles, case blogs and short communications on an array of respective fields research in both medical toxicology and clinical forensic medicine in clinics, universities, administration,  private and government sectors.

The journal is intended to be indexed with leading International Indexing agencies. All published articles will be provided CrossRef DOI and indexed in Google Scholar.

Manuscript Submission:

All the manuscripts published by Cell Science and Mutation are available freely online immediately after publication without any subscription charges or registration.

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