Cybersecurity and Computer protection (countermeasures)


Cybersecurity and Computer protection (countermeasures)

Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

The field is becoming more important due to increased reliance on computer systems, the Internet and wireless network standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and due to the growth of "smart" devices, including smartphones, televisions, and the various devices that constitute the "Internet of things". Owing to its complexity, both in terms of politics and technology, cybersecurity is also one of the major challenges in the contemporary world.

Vulnerabilities and attacks

Backdoor, Denial-of-service attack, Direct-access attacks, Eavesdropping, Multi-vector, polymorphic attacks, Phishing, Privilege escalation, Social engineering, Spoofing, Tampering.

Information security culture

″ To manage the information security culture, five steps should be taken: pre-evaluation, strategic planning, operative planning, implementation, and post-evaluation.

  • Pre-Evaluation: to identify the awareness of information security within employees and to analyze the current security policy.
  • Strategic Planning: to come up with a better awareness program, clear targets need to be set. Clustering people is helpful to achieve it.
  • Operative Planning: a good security culture can be established based on internal communication, management-buy-in, and security awareness and a training program.
  • Implementation: four stages should be used to implement the information security culture. They are:
  1. Commitment of the management
  2. Communication with organizational members
  3. Courses for all organizational members
  4. Commitment of the employees
  • Post-Evaluation: to assess the success of the planning and implementation, and to identify unresolved areas of concern.

Computer protection (countermeasures)

In computer security a countermeasure is an action, device, procedure or technique that reduces a threat, vulnerability, or an attack by eliminating or preventing it, by minimizing the harm it can cause, or by discovering and reporting it so that corrective action can be taken.

Some common countermeasures are listed in the following sections:

  • Security by design
  • Security architecture
  • Security measures
  • Vulnerability management
  • Reducing vulnerabilities
  • Hardware protection mechanisms
  • Secure operating systems
  • Secure coding
  • Capabilities and access control lists
  • End user security training
  • Digital hygiene
  • Response to breaches

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