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The Journal of Dual Diagnosis: Open Access (ISSN:2472-5048) is going to Celebrate Four years of anniversary in the year 2020, It aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to Dual diagnosis.

The Journal of Dual Diagnosis mainly focuses in the field of Substance Use Disorder, co-occurring disorders, dementia, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Clinical Diagnosis of Depression, Autism Diagnosis, Alzheimer Diagnosis, Schizophrenia Diagnosis, Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Anxiety Diagnosis. It is an area of great interest for specialists in addiction medicine, as patients with dual diagnosis pose special diagnostic and management problems. It is of increasing interest to general psychiatrists, who although recognizing both disorders, may be frustrated in their management of them, especially if trying to treat these cases without the benefit of a multidisciplinary team.

Evolutionary psychology offers researchers in sport and exercise psychology an improved capacity to produce proximate explanations (i.e., how psychological mechanisms interact with the environment to produce behavior) by generating productive and novel hypotheses from ultimate explanations (i.e., why a psychological mechanism evolved a particular design, The worth of integrating proximate and ultimate explanations is demonstrated by the ensuing novel insights of popular avenues of sport and exercise psychology including (a) the interrelation between motivation and reasoning and their relative influence on exercise behavior, (b) sex differences in sport participation, (c) performance in sport, and (d) group dynamics in sport. Unlike specific fields of psychology, evolutionary psychology is a metatheoretical approach that can foster mutually productive linkages between currently disparate areas within sport and exercise psychology, and with neighboring disciplines.

The journal invites different types of articles including original research article, review articles, short note communications, case reports, Editorials, letters to the Editors and expert opinions & commentaries from different regions for publication. A standard editorial manager system is utilized for manuscript submission, review, editorial processing and tracking which can be securely accessed by the authors, reviewers and editors for monitoring and tracking the article processing. Manuscripts can be submitted through the Email given below.

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