Extension Activities of a Uruguayan University in the Context of Pharmaceutical Care Education in the Community


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The Article “Extension Activities of a Uruguayan University in the Context of Pharmaceutical Care Education in the Community” is published in our journal in 2019.

It is to promote pharmacist's role in the rational use of drugs and medicinal plants. To engage students in activities related to patients and patients' care and needs, involving them in critical analysis of the data collected. In Uruguay the concept of University lays on three main pillars: Education, Research and Extension Activities. This fact allows the institution to maintain its autonomy and the formation of human resources which are then brought back to society with the added value of knowledge.

Pharmaceutical care students carried out semi-structured surveys to passers-by, collecting information on their pharmacotherapy, and the consumption of medicinal plants, handing out information leaflets, as well. A research study was carried out from the data collected. One hundred and forty-four people (95 women and 49 men), aged between 12 and 89 years were interviewed. Forty-four percent were elderly (65 years of age or older), 21% of the total were polymedicated and 51% consumed one or more medicinal plants.

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