Medical Physics in Biomedical Research


Medical Physics is the application of Physics principles to the diagnosis, prevention, and control of illness, disease and disability. Also itis a branch of Physicsthatis associated with the practice of medicine. It deals mainly, but not exclusively, with the use of ionizing radiation in diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Medical Physicists contribute to maintaining and improving quality, safety and cost effectiveness of healthcare services through patient-oriented activities requiring expert action, involvement or advice regarding the specification, selection, acceptance, and testing, commissioning, quality assurance/ control and optimized clinical use of medical radiological devices. Medical Physics has the responsibility of developing new devices and procedure that solve medical and other health related problems by combining their recent discoveries in Engineering, Biology, Nanotechnology and Medicine to improve human health through multidisciplinary activities that bring together the principles of physics and concepts to medicine and biomedical research. The scientific issues of concern in relation to Medical Physics and associated Biomedical Research are complex and may be confusing for people who are not professionally involved with them, hence the need to bring out the roles and contributions of Medical physics to biomedical Research. This review focuses on the Roles of Medical Physicists in Clinical trials, Veterinary research, Telemedical Physics, Radiation Physics, ionization, and the future of Medical Physics in Biomedical research. The practice of Medical Physics includes the use of principles and accepted protocols of physics to assure the correct quality, quantity, and placement of radiation during the performance of a radiological procedure [4]. Medical physics has a long standing history; though it is very difficult to determine the origins of some historical events. Some are of the belief that Medical Physics has been in existence between 2500-3000BCE when people were using fire to treatsome diseases.

Types of medical physicists

Majorly, there are two categories of Medical Physicists that are both involved in the application of physics to challenges within biomedical environment; they however, work in different settings though their services are complimentary. The first category work in biomedical environment or as consultants to hospitals, the second in academia and industry. Those working in biomedical environment are to ensure the effective, safe, efficient and scientific use of medical devices through the use of their Physics expertise within the biomedical areas.

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