Pharmaceutical Microbiology in Drug Discovery


In recent years, the Pharmaceutical Microbiology has become more versatile and has moved from being primarily antibody-focused to other advance strategic therapies which include gene and cell therapies. With ongoing increasing demand in new drug discovery and development, medicinal chemist, researchers and many other biologics industrialist growing exponentially in the last decade. The Journal of Pharmaceutical microbiology is an international peer review quarterly, scientific and professional journal emphasizing quality pharmaceutical discoveries and innovations. Journal of Pharmaceutical microbiology provides a medium for publication of novel and innovative research from the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology.

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Some of the key topics covered in Journal of Pharmaceutical Microbiology are:

Infectious diseases, Treatment of infectious diseases, Infectious medicine, epidemiology

Reputation of the journal:

Journal Impact Factor: 0.81*

Scope of Journal

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Microbiology is an Open Access Journal, which publishes original, research work that contributes significantly to further the scientific knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences.


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