Types of Dementia


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Alzheimer type dementia: As a dementia which happens before the age of 65, it is characterized by that the normal cognitive ability gets damaged besides the severe memory impairment. The only symptom at its early stage is memory impairment, and then impairment happens in memory, judgment, abstract thinking and personality. In the end, at the end of dementia, the patient becomes a vegetative state, the ability of a brain to control physical function is lost, and he or she dies. It is considered that it is impossible to treat the patient.

Multiple cerebral infarction dementias: Unlike Alzheimer Type Dementia, it occurs suddenly and a stroke is frequently experienced over once before dementia emerges. Due to the repetitive stroke, infarction happens on some regions of the brain, which brings about the cognitive impairment. The process of dementia is not constant, so some cognitive functions are affected. However, others are not relatively damaged. At the early stage of dementia, the minor physical symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness and fatigue appear, however, the cognitive function gradually declines from this point of time, and when it reaches the final stage, the symptoms similar to Alzheimer Type Dementia appear.

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