Addressing the threats to Global Health

Image The world is facing multiple health challenges. These range from outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria, increasing reports of drug-resistant pathogens, growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity to the health impacts of environmental pollution and climate change and multiple humanitarian crises. To address these threats, World Health Organization’s started a new 5-year strategic plan – the 13th General Programme of Work. This plan focuses on a triple billion target:  ensuring 1 billion more people benefit from access to univer... Read More

Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Image There is growing evidence from around the world that even if young people want to act in ways that promote their health, they often have formidable barriers to overcome before they can turn their intentions in to action. However, there has been limited up to date research evidence on this aspect to take appropriate interventions. To assess youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services utilizations and associated factors among youth of Bale zone Ethiopia. A community based cross sectional study design was conducted in March, 2015. Four towns which have health centers providing youth... Read More

Feminist Approach to Desiring Motherhood

Image   The article is a reflective essay based on empirical data (in random sampling) in an anonymous woman’s self-narrative. Though it is not a research study, it will shed light on feminist scholarship in view to highlighting the search for motherhood in striving for the essence of womanhood via the first attempt of ivf (In vitro fertilisation). Women and medicine are connected. It is a new breakthrough for a woman’s life writing. Desiring for motherhood is illustrated. This would pose an impact on women desiring for motherhood in the perspective of women’s hea... Read More

The Need for Better Data on Health Effects of Climate Change

Image AR5 Synthesis Report by IPCC on the potential impacts of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and their effect on natural and human systems emphasized populations who are at increased risk of adverse consequences such as developing countries and disadvantaged people. Preparing health systems, including public health, worldwide to adapt to these future threats will avoid unnecessary morbidity and mortality. This requires research on the direct and indirect health effects of climate change impacts due to increasing temperature, extreme weather events and population displacement from sea-l... Read More

Effects of Societal/Domestic Violence on Health of Women

Image Violence is widespread, affects women of all cultures globally, breeds in silence, and finds legitimacy through cultural norms. Perpretors are partners, husbands, family, and friends. It may be domestic violence (DV), sexual (SV) or other type of violence at home or work or public place, serious violation of women’s rights as human beings. It is important cause of physical, psychological health problems. Objectives: Objectives were to get information about burden of intimate partner/ domestic/societal violence, effects on women’s health. Information as per objectives was collect... Read More

Surgically-Treated Uterine Fibroids

Image Uterine Fibroids remain a major cause of morbidity and mortality among women of various age groups. Many treatment options abound. The aim of this study was to determine the presentation and surgical treatment options offered in a private gynecology unit, in Enugu, Nigeria. A retrospective review of surgically managed cases of Uterine Fibroids between January 2001 and December 2015. Data was obtained from outpatient, ward, operating and laboratory case records. Analysis of data was done using SPSS version 20 with descriptive statistics of frequency and percentage. Chi-square test at 95% con... Read More

Effect of Parity on Serum Bone Mineralization Parameters (Calcium and Phosphate) in Pre- and Post-Menopausal Women

Image The objective of this study was to evaluate and compare serum calcium and phosphate status in premenopausal and postmenopausal women and determine the effect of parity in postmenopausal women. The study was a cross-sectional study was carried out in a catholic mission hospital in Benin City, Nigeria. A total of 40 pre-menopausal and 280 post postmenopausal women with 40 each with parity ranging from 0 to 6 were included in this study. Following standard ethical process and laboratory procedures, the blood sample was obtained from each woman for estimation of serum calcium and phosphate conc... Read More

Parents Attitude and Practice Towards the Girl Child Education

Image The girl child education is a major issue in developing countries. Female education is influenced by culture, religion and other practices especially in rural areas. No study has previously investigated the situation in a suburban community in Edo State, Nigeria. This study was conducted to assess parental attitude, practice and factors influencing girl child education amongst parents' in the area. The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study targeted at parents with at least a child of school age using an interview-based semi-structured questionnaire. Data was collected using the ... Read More

Journal of Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences

Image Journal of Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, academic journal focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience, Brain Mapping Unit, Cerebral Pharmacology, Cognitive Ageing, Cognitive Neuroimaging, Cognitive Psychology, Computational Modeling, Neuropharmacology, Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and other areas justifying the title of the journal. Journal of Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences seeks innovative proposals to create special issues related to research wo... Read More

Recent Trends in Brain Behaviour for Better Clinical World

Image Recent Trends in Brain Behaviour for Better Clinical World Recent News: Concomitant Chemo radiotherapy with Altered Cisplatin Regimen in Management of Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancers Valuation the tolerability, toxicity profile, and the outcome of treating locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck with altered Cisplatin dose regimen concomitantly with radiotherapy. Materials and methods: This study was based on a retrospective analysis of 48 patients treated with Concomitant Chemo radiotherapy (CCR... Read More

Can Meditation Affects us at Genetic Level?

Image Epigenetics is one of those scientific subjects that, after a solid and respectable start, jumped the shark. It burst into the scientific mainstream in the last decade or so with fascinating, even paradigm-shifting, discoveries in how genes operate, offering explanations for mysteries from why identical twins differ in the inherited genetic diseases they develop to how our physical environment and social experiences reach into our DNA, altering the blueprints of our lives. Meditation and its related forms of mind-body therapy, such as yoga, tai chi and chi-gong, has become increas... Read More

Journal of Advances in Applied Science Research Marks its Decade Long Journey by Announcing Hefty Discounts on Article Processing

Image The editorial team of Advances in Applied Science Research (ISSN: 0976-8610) are overwhelmed by the response and eagerness of the academic and research contributors to publish with the journal and take part in the year-long celebrations. During this year we look forward to taking some initiates that would encourage and reward our prospective customers. It gives us great pleasure in announcing the call for paper on the special and hefty discount of up to 20-30 percent on one-time article processing charge. P... Read More

Pediatrics- Our Patients are Cuter than Others

Image Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with infants, children and adolescents and their diseases. A child's physician provides not only medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill but also preventive health services for healthy children. Pediatric Healthcare has been helping kids grow and promoting health for over 40 years! PHC is also a strong believer in giving back to the community, helping to promote a better environment for our children. We are a diverse and dedicated group of health professionals whose daily mission is to use our knowledge... Read More

Fetal Growth Restrictive Pattern

Image Journal of Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine delivers the advancements diagnostic procedures, therapeutic protocols for the management of diseases, and innovative research in gender-based biology that impacts patient care and treatment. It publishes researches & review articles that are related to the women’s health and their health issues. Mohamed RAM is a faculty of medicine, department of clinical pathology at Al... Read More

Spontaneous Uterine Rupture in Primigravida

Image Journal of Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal that explores clinical, medical, social and economic aspects of female reproductive health and medication. It is committed to sharing the information for meeting the challenges of providing optimal health care for women throughout their lifespan and in diverse communities. Spontaneous Uterine Rupture in Primigravida Secondary to a Term Ruptured Rudim... Read More

Lack of sleep may explain why poor people get more heart disease

Image Lack of sleep may explain why poor people get more heart disease   Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapy is an open access peer-reviewed, scientific journal that aims to publish the latest and outstanding Research articles, reviews, and letters in the field of Cardiovascular Diseases to provide rapid and reliable source of information on current discoveries and current developments in the field of cardiovascular Diseases. It covers a b... Read More

Preventive measures for Women’s Health  

Image   Journal of Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal that explores clinical, medical, social and economic aspects of female reproductive health and medication. It is committed to sharing the information for meeting the challenges of providing optimal health care for women throughout their lifespan and in diverse communities. The journal delivers the advancements diagnostic procedures, ... Read More

Women’s Health and Women’s Rights

Image Journal of Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal that explores clinical, medical, social and economic aspects of female reproductive health and medication worldwide.  This journal publishes articles which are under the scope of the women’s health, reproductive system, medicine, and treatment. The journal mainly focuses on the research on pregnancy, menopause, prenatal care, breast cancer, urinary tract infections, menstruation irregularities, childb... Read More

Archives of Medicine Honors the Editors

Image Archives of Medicine (ISSN: 1989-5216) expresses gratitude to all its elite panel of editorial board members for their continuous efforts, support and encouragement throughout the publication journey of the journal, right from its inception in the year 2009 and congratulates them for making the journal achieve its goals and becoming successful as one of the leading and well-recognized broadcaster of scientific outcomes and perspectives from systematic enquiry into Medicine. The journal is extremely privileged to have Prof. Hiro... Read More